Our Boats

FV Irene

The 50 foot commercial boat is based in Cook Town where they line catch fish in remote areas of Far North Queensland in the pristine coral sea waters with little human impact. Its main catch is Coral Trout however other reef & pelagic fish are also caught.The fish are docked alive using a state of the art fishing tank with is biologically controlled, keeping the water quality at its best with climate controlling the water to slow the metabolism of the fish as to not stress the fish and keep them alive longer in quality conditions.

The Irene also tows five 16ft tenders behind the boat to enable more coverage and more fishing effort.

Once the Irene is docked, the fish are killed humanly on wharf, rushed to the airport and lands in Soulfish Factory within 24 hours.

The Irene is out to sea all year round except when fisheries close for spawning in October, November & December.


The South-eastern

This boat was only recently added to the fleet to compliment the overall idea of getting the freshest fish to the public on the Sunshine Coast. Its based in Noosa and usually out to sea for 2 nights catching local snapper, pearl perch & various other reef fish.

The fish are keep in a salt water brine esky and once docked on the jetty, the fish are unloaded straight into the Soulfish van and taken to the factory in Coolum for processing.